My New Book

Acting in Opera: A Contemporary Guide for the Inquisitive Young Artist
By Nicholas Muni

This book is for the emerging young artist in opera who is serious about the pursuit of singing-acting and hungry for techniques that he/she can easily and immediately put to effective use. Its purposes are to fill in information gaps, re-wire existing knowledge and provide a broader context for technique and artistry.

It is also for the inquisitive young artist who senses there are concepts that lie beyond the obvious or explicit which can help make him or her a truly “interesting” artist.

For the beginner, this book can serve as a primer; for the intermediate artist it can be a practical manual; for advanced singers it can, hopefully, be an informative and enjoyable read.

For teachers and stage directors, I believe it can serve as both a prism for the subject and a resource for the classroom, workshop or rehearsal.

As with effective theater, I strive for brevity, essence and access in this book. Because people process information in different ways, this guide uses text, occasional graphic illustration and some video clips to convey its points. The text is intentionally written in short chapters and bytes, with illustrations as appropriate and a glossary to aide in comprehension and synthesis. My hope is that this book will be accompanied by brief video tutorials (available at my website: blending explanation and actual teaching episodes, which will help bring these concepts fully to life.

Acting in Opera: A Contemporary Guide for the Inquisitive Young Artist is written in two “acts” with a Prelude, an Intermission feature, an Epilogue…and reprises from time to time. The Prelude provides context and features short essays on key topics. Act One is about the “physics” of Theater-making, laws and principles which, like gravity, operate under the radar but which have a consistent, massive effect on everything that occurs in performance.

Act Two focuses on training, from soup to nuts. The Epilogue wraps up the journey with a sobering look at our art form as practiced in America. Only the brave of heart dare read it.

Let the houselights dim…

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